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Easy to Maintain: DeZigned to Last a Lifetime

How to Care for DeZign LVP

DeZign’s high-quality LVP is making its mark on the high-impact flooring industry. Our products boast beauty, dependability, ease of care, and style that matches any décor. Take care of your flooring with these cleaning and care best practices. In return, your flooring will take care of you for decades.

1: Protect from Damage

The best way to ensure a long lifespan for your flooring is to protect it from damage.

  • Use non-staining floor protectors on the legs of large furniture and appliances. This should keep indentations and scratches at bay. Each floor protector needs to reach at least 1” in diameter.
  • Occasionally lift furniture off the protectors in order to clean them. Clean protectors keep grit from making a permanent home under the protector – and scratching your flooring surface.
dezign lvp flooring manufacturer dalton ga
dezign lvp flooring manufacturer dalton ga

2: Damage Prevention Tips

  • Switch your plastic or metal chair casters with rubber casters
  • Clean the casters as often as you clean the floor
  • Drop non-rubberized, non-staining floormats in place at all entrances
  • Pets with long nails can leave scratches – keep those nails trimmed!

In addition, remove cleated/high-heeled/spiked shoes before walking on your flooring. Focused pressure may degrade the surface over time.

3. Keep it Clean


Use a broom with soft bristles. Not only will this keep the surface from getting scratched, but it will also pick up more dirt with each stroke.


For deep cleaning, use only non-abrasive floor cleaner with a neutral PH floor cleaner. The bottle must indicate that your chosen cleaner is approved for vinyl floors. For everyday maintenance, mop the floor with warm water.

dezign lvp flooring manufacturer dalton ga
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