How to Clean Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is an eye-appealing, quick installation, and cost-efficient alternative to hardwood. On top of that, it’s easy to clean and maintain! Like other floor types, LV requires routine cleaning in order to keep its condition pristine. Are you up to date on how to clean luxury vinyl flooring? Do you know the best way to keep your floors clean? Are you using cleaning products that could potentially damage your LV flooring? Let’s find out!

LV Flooring Regular Cleaning Routine

Luxury Vinyl flooring requires regular cleaning to maintain its appearance. Clean up any spills or stains as soon as possible to avoid moisture damage or a surface stain. Because LV is particularly prone to scratching, it’s best to sweep or dry mop your floors at least once a day to remove any crumbs, pebbles, or grit. Even a layer of accumulated dirt could damage the outer layer of your flooring. Deep cleaning should occur at least twice a month in order to keep your flooring looking brand new.

LV Flooring Deep Cleaning Routine

The LV flooring deep cleaning routine starts out similar to your regular cleaning habits.

  1. Begin by sweeping or dry mopping your flooring to remove any debris. An easier and more efficient alternative is to vacuum.
  2. Be sure to look for any stains on the surface of your floor – you’ll want to clean these up next. Dish soap, warm water, and a soft bristle brush will remove these stains easily. For more stubborn stains, scrub with a baking soda paste.
  3. Next, go over your floor with a wet mop to clean any remaining grime. We recommend using a homemade apple cider vinegar and water solution. It’s tough on dirt and bacteria without any chemicals that are harmful to you or your flooring. When mopping, go in the direction of the planks.
  4. While LV flooring is waterproof, we always suggest drying your floors with a microfiber towel after mopping.

Avoiding LV Flooring Damage

In some cases, LV flooring can look so similar to hardwood that owners will get it waxed. This is a common mistake that can severely damage the vinyl finish. LV flooring never needs any kind of waxing! For added shine, an acrylic finish is always an option. While apple cider vinegar is the best option for deep cleaning your flooring, there are a number of cleaning agents on the market that are acceptable alternatives. Make sure these alternatives are marketed specifically for LV flooring. Common cleaning agent chemicals such as ammonia and bleach will erode your vinyl’s finishing and damage the inner layers.

When deep cleaning, never use steam cleaning or any other form of heat. LV flooring is plastic, and not designed to resist warping from steam. Lastly, only use soft bristled brushes when getting out stains. Using anything abrasive will put your flooring at risk.

Let Us Help You Transform Your Floor

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